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  1. …the old endless chain…

  2. Agonized about the world going to pieces?  Beckett had this to say

  3. Life is habit…..

  4. i’ve got my faults, but changing my tune isn’t one of them

  5. sartre’s cat thinks beckett thoughts

  6. might not the beatific vision become a source of boredom, in the long run?

  7. nothing is funnier than unhappiness

  8. i am still alive then.  that may come in useful.

  9. well there we are, there i am, that’s enough

  10. that’s how it is on this bitch of an earth.

  11. the sun shone, having no alternative, on the nothing new

  12. what is there left to try when you have tried the door and the window?

  13. …i did not care much for good things to eat, but…

  14. i no longer know what i’m doing, nor why, these are things that matter less and less

  15. i don’t know: perhaps it’s a dream, all a dream